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2014 September

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Improve Calibration and Accuracies in Stack Tests

Having accurate results from stack tests is imperative. However, the uninformed may find small things can interfere with the desired results.

Do you watch the latest DIY shows or plan on heading to the home-improvement center this weekend?

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World’s Largest Water Quality Show

Everything there is to know about water quality can be found in one place. For water professionals, this is the place to be.

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Remediating Fracking Drill Cuttings

Drill cuttings contain valuable liquid materials that can and should be recovered.

Drill cuttings are an ever increasing waste stream generated by the oil and gas industry. In an attempt to limit the adverse environmental impact caused by drilling fluids present in the drill cuttings, efforts are made worldwide to convert the drill cuttings to a non-hazardous material, which significantly eases the disposal process.

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Endocrine Disruptors

The topic of endocrine disruptors will usher in a new wave of water treatment systems that may impact nearly everyone involved in this industry

While wastewater treatment plants are designed to eliminate certain contaminants, such as suspended solids and biodegradable organic compounds, other contaminants are more difficult to treat. Chemicals present in water in low concentrations may have an effect on the environment when released into waterways.

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Repairing NAPL Contamination in Sediments

The very infrastructure that provided advantages for MGP facilities are now creating major headaches.

The sites of former manufactured gas plants (MGPs) are often located in close proximity to canals or rivers. During the plant’s useful life, waterfront property was ideal for transporting raw materials and finished products. Today, remediation and restoration of shuttered sites open opportunities for highly desirable waterside residential dwellings and public open spaces or commercial redevelopment.

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Misleading Recycled Content Claims are Criminal

How important are claims of recycled content? Apparently, it can matter a lot.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stepped up its enforcement initiatives and recently settled two cases with companies that market plastic lumber and related products.

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Letters to the Editor

Read a sampling of notes from the PE audience. Our staff appreciates every note we get whether critical or supportive.

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State Rules - September 2014

Environmental Rules change daily. BLR brings a few of the latest changes needed to stay in compliance.

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EPA Expands Clean Water Act Definition

While much attention is being given to new air regulations, industry must also be aware of the new water regulations that will impact everyone.

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Dust Monitor

The DT450G dust monitor detects the qualitative level of dust or particulate matter by working off the principle of inductive electrification.

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Tension Fabric Buildings

Legacy Building Solutions offers a line of fabric buildings that incorporates structural steel beams instead of open web trusses.

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Flow Meter Solutions

McCrometer reportedly offers a wide range of advanced, high accuracy, cost-effective flow meter solutions designed for industrial process water treatment, as well as for use in district energy, HVAC, and municipal water and wastewater.

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Submersible Pressure Transducers

PT-503 Submersible Pressure Transducers are designed for chemical compatibility and feature PVC housing.

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Enhanced Bioremediation

The Waterloo Emitter is designed for the bioremediation of contaminated groundwater.

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Wastewater Treatment System

Neptune Benson announced its closed vessel ETS-UV system has received conditional acceptance from the California State Water Resources Control Board.

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Metering Pump

The Qdos 60 is designed to reduce chemical metering costs compared with conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps.

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Scaling Watch Launch

Flowrox Scaling Watch was launched on June 17, 2014, during the Flowrox Sales Conference.

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Pressure Sewer System

Urban water corporation Wannon Water has chosen Mono’s InviziQ pressure sewer system as the most cost-effective and easy-maintenance option for the Dutton Way project in Portland, Victoria.

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Disc Filter System

Veolia Water Technologies was awarded a contract by the City of Titusville, Fla., to furnish a Hydrotech Discfilter system.

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Full Drain Outlet

Assmann Corporation of America offers the molded in full drain outlet (FDO) assembly for tanks of 2,500 gallons or larger.

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Pressure Control

Rotork’s CVA electric control valve actuators are enabling the Sydney Water Corporation in Australia to control the pressure in the city’s water supply network with greatly increased response and accuracy.

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Trunnion Ball Valve

The QuadroSphere Trunnion Ball Valve is reportedly able to handle the demands of the Oil and Gas Industry.

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New Motor Line

Baldor Electric Company released a new line of energy efficient electric motors.

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High-Torque Drive System

The Dodge HT500 synchronous drive system reportedly delivers high torque, low maintenance and potential energy savings with less overhung load than V-belts.

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Gas Analyzer

The Western Research Model 9900RM is a UV gas analyzer suitable for single or multi-component quantitative measurements.

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Stormwater Solution

Engineers of stormwater management for the Rialto, Calif.-based I-210 Logistics Center designed an underground network of chambers with a separate above-ground system consisting of retention/detention basins.

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Environmental Remediation Notepad

The Mesa Rugged Notepad facilitates the large amount of data collection required for environmental injection services.

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Gas Sniffer

The Model 7899 Gas Sniffer is a portable, rugged and reportedly easy-to-use leak detection tool.

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Company Recognized for Product Innovation

Magid Glove & Safety, a manufacturer and supplier of safety solutions and personal protective equipment, was recently recognized by environmental safety and health professionals in two independent award competitions.

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Solar LED Area Lights

Mesa, Ariz., used 10 shoebox-style LED luminaires specifically designed for alternative-energy sources.

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Factory Direct E-Store

AMETEK US Gauge is reportedly the first leading manufacturer to offer online factory-direct purchasing.

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Scientific Collection

This volume contains 32 peer-reviewed papers accepted for the Twenty Second International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, held in July 2014.

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Drum Funnel

The PIG Burpless Large One-Hand-Sealable Drum Funnel’s burpless venting design allows the operator to quickly drain a 5-gallon bucket in as few as 17 seconds while eliminating dangerous splashbacks

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Multi-Signal Calibrator

AMETEK Test and Calibration Instruments introduced a portable multi-signal calibrator that allows all functions to be controlled from the main screen.

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Parts Washer

Kafko has introduced the Oil Eater Flex Line parts washer that offers three tiers of features.

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Containment Berm

New Rigid-Lock QuickBerm drive-through containment berm is designed to offer protection against small- to large-scale spills from drums, IBC totes, tanks or leaky equipment.

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Chemical Storage, Discharge & Feed System

Sodimate’s turnkey bulk storage, discharge and feed systems incorporate a mechanical unloader designed to discharge storage containers such as silos, hoppers and big bags through the use of rotating flexible blades designed to prevent bridging and clogging.

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Bulk Bag Closing Device

Vibra Screw’s new bulk bag closing device is designed to quickly and safely stop flow from partially discharged bulk bags.

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Explosion Proof Motors

WEG Electric has added a complete line of fractional HP motors in single phase and three phase models to its full line of NEMA Premium and High Efficiency Explosion Proof motors.

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Godwin Field Smart Technology was designed to be a standard offering to meet customer’s needs to access their diesel pump remotely from internet connected devices. FST includes the capability to start and stop the diesel engine remotely, log engine and application parameters, and receive alarms associated with the diesel engine.

Speaker: Jordan Ruff, Engineered Controls Product Manager

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Pollution Engineering

pe september 2014

2014 September

Read the September 2014 issue of Pollution Engineering!
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