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Urban and Highway Stormwater Pollution: Concepts and Engineering


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  • Presents the practical work of leading experts working with highly impacted areas across the world
  • Explains sources, pathways, fate, impacts, and effects of pollutants associated with the wet weather/stormwater hydrologic cycle
  • Covers the entire urban wastewater system, including drainage catchments and networks, treatment systems, and local receiving waters
  • Contains mathematical formulations for modeling the prediction of pollutant transport into both surface waters and soil systemscontains mathematical formulations for modeling the prediction of pollutant transport into both surface waters and soil systems
  • Examines US and European stormwater regulations
  • Provides analysis useful for the design and management of urban drainage systems


As the world population grows, already burgeoning cities are becoming taxed in every conceivable way. One topic that receives few headlines, but significantly impacts an area’s quality of health and economic development is the challenge to maintain sustainable urban drainage (SUD). Poor drainage can hamper transportation, add to problems of pollution, and compromise essential clean water resources. While a number of references concentrate on the hydrology, hydraulics, and transport phenomena relevant for urban drainage, we must recognize that any solution requires a more comprehensive consideration of the problem.

Urban and Highway Stormwater Pollution: Concepts and Engineering offers a comprehensive text on wet weather pollution originating from urban drainage and road runoff. Bringing together the empirical and theoretical approaches needed to mitigate the problem, this volume:

  • Provides a basic understanding of sources, pathways, and impacts of pollutants associated with wet weather hydrologic cycles occurring in areas with impervious or semi-impervious surfaces
  • Examines wet weather pollutant discharges into streams, lakes, and coastal waters, as well as soil systems
  • Details tools to quantify physical, chemical, and biological characteristics associated with wet weather pollution and methodologies for pollution abatement, control, and monitoring runoff
  • Offers general methodologies and site-specific approaches to deal with stormwater runoff, road runoff, and sewer overflows
  • Supplies reliable predictive tools and modeling methods

SUD is rapidly becoming a problem of crisis proportions; but while we must act quickly, any solution must be based on sound principles, accurate data, and proven methods. Written by top researchers with years of experience, this book offers those working at the front line with an accessible resource that helps ameliorate problem situations and prevent others from developing.

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February 19, 2014
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